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The Potential of Solar

As the nation strives to meet its GROWING ENERGY DEMANDS, we must look at all resources. The sun provides an abundant source of energy.

It’s as simple as catching the sun’s rays, with a little help from technology.

Cleaner Energy
Zero-Emitting Energy Generation

Solar power is clean. Producing electricity with solar panels generates zero emissions, protecting the air we breathe and the water we drink from harmful emissions and pollution. Traditional sources of energy produce greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change, while also creating emissions that are responsible for acid rain, air and water pollution and many health impacts.

The Cheapest Way to Produce New Electricity

Solar is cost-effective because the cost of the fuel source (the sun) is free. As the price of solar panels has gone down, the cost of solar electricity has significantly decreased. In fact, solar energy is currently the lowest cost way to produce electricity.

Pollinator Habitat  
Enhances and Protects the Natural Environment

While the facility is in operation, we plant ground cover to attract natural, local pollinators, which helps the surrounding environment and farms. Our facilities use non-chemical weed management where possible.

Happy Farmer
Land Leases
Landowners Benefit from Solar Farm Leases

Landowners receive lease payments over the life of the project, estimated at more than 35 years.

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