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Why Covington

The Origis Approach to Siting

Project sites are carefully chosen and located near existing energy infrastructure where they can best benefit the electric grid.


We consider local solar resources, potential environmental impacts, and the need to locate landowners who are willing to sell or lease their land for the life of the project.


Through careful planning and site engineering SOLAR FACILITIES MAKE GOOD NEIGHBORS.


Solar Resources

Covington County has some of the best solar resources in Alabama – the same sun that nourishes local agriculture and timber industries.



In Alabama, solar development is being driven by cost declines and demand for carbon-free power by large commercial and industrial users.



The project features access to nearby transmission lines, which lowers the cost of the energy produced by the facility and allows the project to serve homes and businesses throughout the region.


Environmental Evaluation

We must avoid wetlands, protected and endangered species habitats and any other areas of environmental concerns. This helps us narrow down to a preferred area in the community - we need to identify large parcels that would be suitable for the project.



If cultural resources are observed, sensitive artifacts are left untouched.


Eager Landowners

Solar farms are located on privately-owned land either leased or purchased from willing landowners.

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